We are a family of soon to be 5 members. We don't have a lot of sailing experience under our belt but if you're not willing to learn new skills then you will make it nowhere in life. 

Carl is 39 years old. American. A somewhat retired Mega Yacht captain with 1600 ton captains license. Been on boats all his life and needs to get back to the sea. He never thought he'd love sailing so much but still needs to learn how to slow down and kick back.

Carly (me) is 32 years old. Australian. Don't really have a "profession". I've always loved boat but never been much of a beach bum, as you can tell from the non existent tan. I'm still trying to learn this "mothering" business. It's bloody hard work.

Pri* is a 4 year old that loves to twirl and thinks she's a princess - but that can change in a flash. She is in charge of docking the dingy and the lookout so we don't hit anything. 

Wags* is a very brave 2 year old. Pretty much loves everything, especially meal time. Human garbage disposal! Of late she is pretty much solely in charge of her bowel movements. It is up to her to do the right thing and use the toilet and not her pants. It's a pretty big job but she's mastering it.

Introducing our newest crew member. He was born in the Bahamas in March 2014, he is one chunky boat baby. He's such a happy little boy. His favorite things are chatting away, mummas boob and working out on his merry muscles jumper. He naps best on deck in his car seat and enjoys a good sail.

* Obviously we didn't' name our kids Wags, Pri and Little Man but then again these days you don't really know. I feel that when the kids are older and have retired themselves from our every changing life they don't want to have strangers "googling" them and finding all sorts of unflattering pictures. It will be up to them if they would like to share their lives with others, not me. It will come to a point that I will stop blogging about them and allow them to write posts themselves if they choose. I don't want them to ever regret the journey we're undertaking, being plastered all over the internet is not everyone's cup of tea and just because they can't voice their opinions doesn't meant they don't have one.

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  1. I love the respect you have for your childrens privacy. I have the same ideas which some think are a little extreme, but people do share too much sometimes and like you say your children dont yet have a voice, it doesnt mean they dont have an opinion. I have been conflicted with this issue as i wont share full photos of my son however his first name is everywhere (including in the site name) which can be googled. Makes me more aware for future content to be created to ensure its respectful of his privacy. Thanks for the insight Bec :)